Nepal is an excellent destination for international tourism. Finance Minister Pun

Nepal is an excellent destination for international tourism. Finance Minister Pun

During the opening session of the Third Nepal Investment Summit, Finance Minister Barsaman Pun highlighted Nepal's potential as a top choice for international tourism.

Minister Pun, who also holds the position of vice chairman of the Investment Board, highlighted the conference's objective of showcasing Nepal as a compelling investment destination. He emphasized the importance of keeping potential investors informed about recent regulatory reforms that are designed to encourage both domestic and foreign investment. Additionally, he emphasized the need to highlight investment-ready projects in various sectors.

Highlighting the potential for successful agreements between investors and stakeholders, including project development and management deals, Pun emphasized the encouraging economic indicators in Nepal. The speaker highlighted the country's recent accomplishments in the fields of clean energy, tourism, information technology, agriculture, and agriculture-based industries.

"We have made several policy reforms to improve the business environment and strengthen investor confidence," Pun explained. "Efforts have been made to simplify the process of starting a business, while ensuring that public governance is focused on being transparent and accountable." Continuing with this process will help Nepal maintain its appeal as an attractive investment destination.

The speaker discussed Nepal's approach to attracting foreign investment, highlighting its positive impact on industrial growth, infrastructure enhancement, employment opportunities, export expansion, and the transfer of knowledge, skills, and technology.

Recognizing the constraints of domestic investment and markets in achieving ambitious economic growth targets, Pun highlighted Nepal's commitment to attracting foreign investment. The government, he stated, is dedicated to working together with the private sector through a combination of private direct investment and public-private partnerships.

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