Nepal Oil Corporation Raises Petrol Prices by Rs 4

Price Hike Implemented Across Regions, LP Gas Remains Unchanged due to Reported Losses
Nepal Oil Corporation Raises Petrol Prices by Rs 4

Nepal Oil Corporation has announced a hike in the price of petrol, effective from midnight Sunday. The increase stands at Rs 4 per liter across the regions.

In specific areas, such as Pokhara, Dipalaya, and Kathmandu Valley, petrol will now be priced at Rs 175 per liter. Meanwhile, Surkhet and Dang will see prices set at Rs 174 per liter, and in Charali, Biratnagar, Janakpur, Amlekhganj, Bhalbari, Nepalgunj, and Birganj, the price will be Rs 172.50 per liter.

Conversely, diesel, kerosene, and cooking gas prices remain largely unchanged.

This adjustment comes following an updated purchase price from the Indian Oil Corporation, resulting in a Rs 4.76 per liter increase in petrol prices and a slight decrease of 39 paise per liter for diesel and kerosene.

In a related development, the price of LP gas has seen a reduction of Rs 27.44 per cylinder. However, the board of directors has opted not to adjust LP gas prices due to a reported loss of Rs 296.15 per cylinder.

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