Nepal Prime Minister Makes Investment Pitch at Conference

 Nepal Prime Minister Makes Investment Pitch at Conference

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal addressed the two-day investment conference in Kathmandu, emphasizing Nepal's efforts to attract foreign investment.

Dahal outlined a range of incentives offered to foreign investors, including a robust regulatory framework, double taxation avoidance agreements, intellectual property protection, and competitive corporate tax rates. He further highlighted the recent approval of the Bilateral Investment Agreement (BIA) framework, aiming to safeguard and promote bilateral investments. He urged participating countries to sign the BIA swiftly.

The Prime Minister stressed Nepal's liberal policies designed to encourage foreign investment in priority sectors. He emphasized the availability of a skilled workforce, competitive labor costs, and non-discriminatory treatment for both domestic and foreign direct investments. Additionally, the assurance of profit repatriation in foreign currency was presented as a factor enhancing investment appeal.

Dahal elaborated on Nepal's diverse investment opportunities encompassing tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, information technology, garments, agricultural processing, infrastructure development, and high-value crop production.

He acknowledged the vast potential for hydropower generation in Nepal, despite the current production capacity of only 3,200 megawatts. This untapped potential, according to Dahal, signifies a promising future for renewable and clean energy. He mentioned existing and planned international transmission lines connecting India and China, facilitating energy exchange within the region. Signed agreements with India, China, and Bangladesh for electricity trade were also highlighted.

Dahal recognized tourism as a significant economic contributor and called for increased investment in this sector. He extended invitations for investment opportunities in information technology and agriculture as well.

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