CBI Concludes Audio Recording Released By Sidhakura as 'False and Fabricated'

CBI Concludes Audio Recording Released By Sidhakura as 'False and Fabricated'

The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police has concluded that an audio recording of a Supreme Court verdict, broadcast by Sidhakura.com, is 'false and fabricated'. The investigation was initiated following an order from the Supreme Court, which led to the formation of a six-member team under the leadership of DIG Navind Aryal.

The controversy began when Siddha Kura Online released an audio clip claiming that judges, media operators, and legal professionals had met to influence a case pending before the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court. This led to contempt of court proceedings, during which Rajkumar Timilsina of Godavari claimed he had recorded the audio three years ago and sent it to the online website's operators and reporters.

The CIB's two-week investigation revealed that the details mentioned in the audio are not true. They took voice samples from the media operators named in the audio and documented their 'incident details'. All of them denied being at the Annapurna Post office where the voice was allegedly recorded.

Rajkumar Timilsina, who claimed to have recorded the audio on April 12 2021, after 5 pm at the Annapurna Post office, was found to have inconsistencies in his story. The CIB's digital forensic examination showed that while Timilsina's voice matched the audio, the other person's voice was 'unrecognizable'. Furthermore, his claim of transferring the file at a mobile shop in Birtamod, Jhapa, was found to be false, as local police reported no one knew him there.

The investigation also revealed that the audio file was not recorded two years ago as claimed, but on Timilsina's smartphone on April 17, 24 at 6:30 am, the same day he sent the email to Sidhakura.

The CIB concludes that three laws have been violated: computer offenses under the Electronic Transactions Act 2063, offenses against justice under the Criminal Code, and crimes related to discrimination, humiliation, and inhumane behavior under the Criminal Code Act. The report has been submitted to the Supreme Court, which had instructed the CIB to 'take action according to law if criminal law is found to have been violated'.

This instance underscores the significant consequences of disseminating inaccurate details, particularly if it concerns the legal system. The comprehensive inquiry by the CIB emphasizes the necessity of confirming facts in the era of technology, where false content can spread effortlessly and potentially erode confidence in establishments.

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