CPN-UML Registers Nominations for Ilam 2 By-Election

CPN-UML Registers Nominations for Ilam 2 By-Election

Nominations have been submitted by CPN-UML in Ilam 2. The nomination was filed on behalf of UML by Suhang Nemwang, the youngest son of leader Subaschandra Nemwang.

Several individuals have already submitted their nominations for the upcoming by-election in Ilam 2, which is set to take place on 15 Baisakh. One of the candidates is Suhang Newang.

Shiva Maya Tumbahamphe, a former deputy speaker and UML leader, Hikmat Karki, the former chief minister of Koshi province, Ram Rana, a former minister, Kshitij Thewe, the president of National Youth Union, and Mahesh Basnet, the district president, all took part in the program to register the nominations.

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