Defense Minister Urges Unity in Safeguarding National Identity and Interests

Minister criticizes lack of patriotism and national pride in Nepal
Defense Minister Urges Unity in Safeguarding National Identity and Interests

Defense Minister Hari Prasad Upreti has expressed strong disapproval of what he perceives as a lack of patriotism in Nepal. During a session of the National Assembly's Federalism Strengthening and National Concerns Committee on Tuesday, Upreti voiced apprehension about remarks and perspectives that he feels weaken the Nepali national identity.

"The issue of nationality seems to be weak in our country," Upreti stated. "People question their nationality even when they cannot pay bank loans or children's school fees. There are also voices saying we would be better off if a certain country had taken us over so we could get cheap cars."

The Defense Minister encouraged the people of Nepal not to diminish the importance of nationality with such remarks. He criticized comments that undermine the heritage, culture, and customs of Nepal until individual aspirations are satisfied.

"Attacking your own originality, culture, tradition - challenging the things you've been accepting until your desires are met. How can you better approach these topics while preserving your originality?" Upreti asked the committee members.

He argued that Nepal's geopolitical position between two powerful nations makes national security a very complicated matter. Upreti stressed that protecting national identity and interests is not just the responsibility of the defense ministry and army, but a common duty of all state powers and organizations.

"The country's land, freedom, sovereignty, security are the common duty of all powers of the state. All powers and structures must stand united for protection of national identity and interests," he asserted.

Upreti lamented that some voices seem to celebrate the idea of Nepal being part of another country, stating "It is the eighth wonder that a rich natural resource country like ours is poor." He expressed confidence that proper utilization of natural resources and heritage could make Nepal prosperous within ten years.

The Defense Minister made clear that the concept of national security has evolved beyond just guarding borders. "National security today is not just patrolling borders on horseback with swords like the past. Today, we must also address environment, hunger and other challenges to maintain security," he explained, advocating a "Whole of Nation" approach.

Upreti's strong comments urging increased patriotism and protection of Nepal's independence have sparked renewed discussion on the intricate matters of nationalism and geopolitics confronting the Himalayan country.

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