Deputy PM calls for non-political focus on development efforts

Deputy PM calls for non-political focus on development efforts

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Raghuveer Mahaseth has stressed that there should be no politics involved when it comes to development matters in the country.

Addressing a program in Lalitpur on Saturday, Mahaseth said politics can be done for six months every five years during union, state and local elections, but the rest of the time should be devoted solely to development and construction work.

"Politics is enough for us to do 6 months in 5 years. During union and state elections, 6 months for preparation and 4 months during local level elections. The rest of the time is due to joint development efforts," he stated.

The Deputy PM urged all political parties and leaders to engage in the nation's development during non-election periods instead of being consumed by political and party interests.

"Party leaders should not only talk about the party. When we rise above the interests of the party and do not think narrowly, we cannot move the country forward. We should proceed by understanding and asking our learned friends," Mahaseth said.

He highlighted that leaders need to think beyond just their party's agenda for the country to progress. The current government, he promised, will achieve good progress in the development sector this year.

Mahaseth claimed there has been more development in Nepal now than in the past, countering the perception that the country witnessed more progress during the monarchy era compared to the multi-party system.

"Is there really development rather than taking self-satisfaction by insulting party leaders or not? True information should be provided," he stated.

The Deputy PM also emphasized that everyone's role is crucial for the overall development of the nation.

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