Far West Chief Minister to Face Vote of Confidence

Far West Chief Minister to Face Vote of Confidence

Kamal Bahadur Shah, the Far West Chief Minister, will face a vote of confidence next Thursday. On Tuesday morning, Chief Minister Shah filed a motion of confidence with the Provincial Assembly Secretariat.

Dev Bahadur Bogti, Secretary of the Provincial Assembly, reported that the Provincial Assembly Secretariat had issued a notice that the Chief Minister would take a vote of confidence at the meeting on Thursday at 3 p.m.
On February 22, after the power balance at the center had changed, Chief Minister Shah sacked the Maoist central's ministers. According to constitutional regulations, Chief Minister Shah must hold a vote of confidence within 30 days.

Furthermore, the statutes state that notice of the vote of confidence must be given to the Provincial Assembly two days in advance. According to that, Chief Minister Shah has informed, but he still does not have a majority.

With 18 MPs, the Congress party is the largest in the Province assembly. A majority in the Province assembly of 53 members requires 27 MPs.

The coalition consists of ten Maoist MPs (excluding the speaker), ten UML MPs, and four United Socialist Party MPs. To create a new administration, the coalition will need the Civil Liberties Party's support.

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