Former Nepal PM Oli Argues Against Politicizing Provincial Naming

Former Nepal PM Oli Argues Against Politicizing Provincial Naming

During a recent address, KP Sharma Oli, leader of the CPN (UML) party and ex-Prime Minister of Nepal, contested the notion of caste and family name as the main indicators of identity. Oli conveyed this viewpoint while commemorating his party's success in the Ilam Region No. 2 by-election.

Oli opposed the politicization of topics such as the naming of provinces, using past zone names like Mechi, Koshi, and Karnali as instances of geographical markers that shouldn't be considered divisive. He emphasized that a united identity of a prosperous and content Nepal should be the common bond for all Nepalis. He rejected efforts to establish individual identities based on caste or surname, stating that genuine success arises from collective efforts.

Oli's speech highlighted several key points. Firstly, he championed "prosperous Nepal: happy Nepali" as the central identity that binds all Nepalis together. Secondly, he discouraged using caste or surname as defining characteristics for individuals. Thirdly, Oli criticized the politicization of provincial names and urged acceptance of common, unifying names. Finally, he emphasized the importance of teamwork and collective effort in achieving success.

Oli's remarks come at a time when Nepal is engaged in discussions about national unity and potential social divisions. His emphasis on a shared Nepali identity and collective progress reflects the current stance of his party on these critical issues.

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