Former Nepali Prime Minister Accuses Nepali Congress of Undemocratic Behavior

Former Nepali Prime Minister Accuses Nepali Congress of Undemocratic Behavior

KP Sharma Oli, Chairman and former Prime Minister of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal (UML), has launched a scathing attack on the Nepali Congress party, accusing them of undemocratic behavior and making baseless allegations against Deputy Prime Minister Ravi Lamichhane.

Addressing an event organized by the party's Metropolitan City Committee in Kathmandu on Saturday, Oli claimed that the Nepali Congress leveled allegations of cooperative fraud against Lamichhane after the latter refused their offer to become the Prime Minister for a year and a half.

"The Nepali Congress accused Deputy PM Lamichhane of being corrupt and involved in a cooperative fraud, but they did not allow him to refute these allegations in Parliament," Oli stated. "One night they go to him saying he should become PM, and the next day when he doesn't agree, they call him corrupt. This is unacceptable."

Oli questioned the democratic credentials of the Nepali Congress, asserting that their actions were driven solely by a lust for power rather than a commitment to justice. "The Nepali Congress is not a democratic force; it is deeply immersed in the interests of power," he proclaimed.

The former Prime Minister urged for a strengthening of the CPN-UML to correct what he sees as the Congress party's haphazard conduct. "CPN-UML should be united and become the decisive national power to fix this situation," he declared.

The allegations and counter-allegations between the ruling communist party and the opposition Nepali Congress have further deepened the political divisions in the Himalayan nation. As the war of words escalates, concerns are mounting over the potential impact on governance and stability.

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