Government of Nepal Plans Commercial Marijuana Farming for Medicinal Purposes

Government of Nepal Plans Commercial Marijuana Farming for Medicinal Purposes

The government is going to allow the commercial cultivation of cannabis (Marijuana) for medicinal purposes. During the presentation of the budget for the next financial year in the joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the National Assembly, Finance Minister Barshaman Pun announced that legal arrangements will be made for the commercial production of cannabis (Marijuana) for medicinal purposes.

This is not the first time such a move has been proposed. In the previous budget, it was also announced that a law would be made for cannabis (Marijuana) farming. MP Sher Bahadur Tamang had previously registered a bill related to cannabis (Marijuana) farming, as he was demanding the legalization of cannabis (Marijuana) cultivation.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has even held discussions to formulate criteria for allowing the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal use. Currently, marijuana is cultivated in various parts of Nepal, but the police have been destroying those crops.

By legalizing and regulating commercial cannabis (Marijuana) production for medicinal purposes, the government seems to be acknowledging the potential medical benefits and economic opportunities. However, the details around licensing, quality control, and distribution channels still need to be worked out through new laws and regulations.

This budget announcement signals a significant policy shift for Nepal regarding cannabis (Marijuana). It will be interesting to see how the legal framework takes shape and what impact it has on the nation's healthcare and agriculture sectors going forward.

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