Indian nationals detained for fraudulent citizenship acquisition

Indian nationals detained for fraudulent citizenship acquisition
Image : Nepal Police

Three Indian nationals have been detained by officials on suspicion of attempting to acquire Nepalese citizenship through the submission of inaccurate details. The suspects have been named as 51-year-old Hariom Kumar, also known as Hariom Gupta, along with his sons, 20-year-old Rishi Gupta and 18-year-old Harsh Gupta, who were living in Kathmandu.

According to Navraj Adhikari, Spokesperson for the District Police Kathmandu, the father and sons were taken into custody after an investigation revealed their attempts to fraudulently acquire Nepalese citizenship.

Harsh and Rishi, who were running a business together, allegedly created a false report claiming the disappearance of Hariom, concealing the fact that he was an Indian citizen. They then filled out a form to obtain Nepalese citizenship for their descendants by creating a surgin bond (a document used as proof of lineage) from their local ward office.

Spokesperson Adhikari stated that the three individuals were arrested when they submitted the unlisted 1 form (a crucial document required for citizenship applications) for the citizenship of their descendants.

The police have initiated an investigation against the trio for violating the Citizenship Act, and they have been given a five-day deadline to present their case.

This event underscores the continuous problem of people trying to acquire Nepalese citizenship using deceitful methods, which authorities are actively striving to address. The Nepalese government has stringent regulations to thwart such unlawful practices and safeguard the legitimacy of the citizenship application procedure.

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