Kathmandu District Court Convicts Judge Giri of Rape Charges

Kathmandu District Court Convicts Judge Giri of Rape Charges

In a landmark ruling, Judge Bhuvan Giri has been convicted of rape by the Kathmandu District Court. The verdict, delivered by Judge Durga Bahadur Bhushal's bench, found Giri guilty of the charges against him.

A separate hearing has been scheduled for June 28th to determine the punishment for Giri's crimes. Ramu Sharma, the Chief Justice of the Kathmandu District Court, confirmed the guilty verdict.

The case against Judge Giri came to light when a complaint was filed with the police while he was serving at the Kapilbastu District Court. Giri has been in prison under suspension since the allegations surfaced.

The ruling is seen as a significant step in addressing sexual violence and upholding accountability within Nepal's judicial system. Critics have long argued that the country's legal institutions have failed to properly investigate and prosecute cases of sexual assault, especially those involving influential figures.

The June 28th hearing will determine the specific sentence Giri will face for his crime. Legal experts suggest he could receive a lengthy prison term based on the severity of the charges.

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