Kathmandu Metropolitan City Unveils Bold Policies for Fiscal Year 2081/82

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Unveils Bold Policies for Fiscal Year 2081/82

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has unveiled an ambitious set of policies and programs for the upcoming fiscal year 2081/82, aimed at boosting business, employment, education, and overall development within the metropolis.

Business and Employment Incentives

In a significant move to attract businesses and create jobs, Metropolitan Chief Bodendra Shah announced a 100 percent discount on business tax for the first three years for entrepreneurs who employ at least 20 people. Additionally, at least 30 percent of the required workforce for development and construction projects undertaken by the metropolis will be supplied through its Labor Bank.

Cooperative Sector Reforms

To streamline the operations of cooperative organizations within the metropolitan area, their transactions will be digitized and connected to an electronic system. A cooperative information center will also be established to facilitate efficient money collection, loan mobilization, and good governance practices.

Education and Student Development

Recognizing the importance of holistic student development, Mayor Sah announced several initiatives in the education sector. Sports will be made compulsory from the pre-primary level to promote physical and mental well-being. At least one counselor and one public nurse will be assigned to all resource centers.

To enhance the competitiveness of community school students at the international level, pre-primary classes will be conducted on at least two levels, and standards, including diet plans, will be implemented for midday meals.

For schools with fewer than 200 students, the concept of a center kitchen will be introduced. A special school targeting students with autism will also be established and operated.

Scholarships provided by non-governmental organizations will be distributed to community and institutional schools through a one-door system managed by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Additionally, arrangements will be made for students to engage in part-time work opportunities while studying, fostering job creation and practical experience.

Utilizing Constitutional Rights

Mayor Sah emphasized the metropolis's commitment to fully utilizing the rights granted to the local level by the Constitution of Nepal. These rights will be leveraged to realize the vision of a "Cultural City, Prosperous Metropolis" and transform Kathmandu into a safe, inclusive, prosperous, and vibrant city.

The announcements made by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City reflect a comprehensive approach to urban development, emphasizing economic growth, employment opportunities, educational reforms, and the overall well-being of its residents.

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