KP Sharma Oli Condemns Kathmandu's Approach to Informal Settlements

KP Sharma Oli Condemns Kathmandu's Approach to Informal Settlements

Kathmandu is embroiled in a dispute regarding the removal of informal settlements. The chairman of the ruling party, KP Sharma Oli, has vehemently condemned the approach of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. He contends that the government should prioritize offering alternative housing options instead of carrying out evictions.

Oli emphasizes the difficulties that homeless people face and the significance of social responsibility. He proposes a "construction campaign" instead of demolition. He suggests the government should build affordable housing to accommodate the displaced residents.

The Land Rights and Labor Organization Nepal supports Oli's position. They believe the government should prioritize proper housing arrangements for squatters.

Nevertheless, Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Sah continues to uphold his position on demolishing the settlements. He asserts that the city does not possess legal ownership documents ('Lal Purja') for the land where the squatters are residing.

Oli questions the legality of these evictions, implying a lack of proper due process for the residents. He also highlights his own efforts as Prime Minister to address the squatter issue in the past. Oli asserts that the legal system and bureaucracy prevented his initiatives from being successful.

Oli cautions against the use of excessive force in evictions, expressing concern that residents may resist if they perceive no alternative options. Notably, Oli suggests the identification and exclusion of 'fake'squatters'—individuals who may have affluent relatives capable of assisting them with housing.

Oli finishes by calling for cooperation among all government levels to address the squatter problem comprehensively. The fate of Kathmandu's squatter settlements is still unknown. Oli's position highlights the human impact of evictions, while Mayor Sah emphasizes the legal dimensions of land ownership. Negotiations and a comprehensive solution appear essential to tackle this intricate issue.

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