Minister Rekha Sharma addresses challenges in implementing fundamental rights

Minister Rekha Sharma addresses challenges in implementing fundamental rights

Rekha Sharma, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, stated that the essential rights outlined in Nepal's constitution have not been entirely put into effect.

Minister Sharma, speaking at an event commemorating the 124th year of Gorkhapatra publication and the 62nd anniversary of Gorkhapatra Institute in Kathmandu, emphasized that although the constitution contains several positive provisions regarding fundamental rights, challenges such as caste-based discrimination and gender equality have not been fully addressed.

"We have made many good provisions of fundamental rights in the constitution. We have organized many issues like caste untouchability, gender equality etc. in the constitution. But those things have not been implemented in practice even today," Sharma said.

The Minister stressed the need to identify the reasons behind the lack of implementation and raise public awareness through government media outlets. "If we can find out the reasons behind the non-implementation and take these things to the public through the government media, I think it will play a good role in raising awareness," she added.

Sharma urged the preservation of the progress made in protecting rights and freedoms. She also emphasized the importance of examining and enhancing the structural condition, physical infrastructure, manpower management, and market positioning of Gorkhapatra Institute.

The Minister encouraged government media to move past being the government's 'bhajanmandali' (chorus singers) and act as a link between the state and the citizens.

The program was attended by senior editors, journalists and officials from Gorkhapatra Institute to mark the publications's 124th year and the institute's 62nd anniversary.

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