Minister Sharma Highlights the Urgent Need for IT Hub in Nepal

Minister Sharma Highlights the Urgent Need for IT Hub in Nepal

The Minister for Communication and Information Technology of Nepal, Rekha Sharma, has stressed the immediate requirement to set up an IT center in the nation. During an investment conference on Monday, Minister Sharma pointed out the absence of centralized infrastructure for the growing information technology (IT) industry and startup companies.

The lack of a dedicated IT hub with the necessary infrastructure is impeding Nepal's growing export of IT-related services, according to Minister Sharma. "Developing such a hub would create an environment for integrated collaboration between domestic and foreign investors, skilled IT professionals, and the knowledge base readily available."

The minister affirmed the government's dedication to backing all domestic and international investors keen on advancing the IT sector. Additionally, she emphasized Nepal's initiatives to leverage global progress in revolutionary technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain.

"The investment summit serves as a platform to showcase eight key projects the Ministry is promoting," Minister Sharma explained. "These projects include a data center, IT technopark, a commuter hardware assembly plant, ICT training center, a digital service center, a smartphone manufacturing and assembly plant, an incubation center, and a film city. We urge investors to consider these projects and create a vibrant investment environment."

Minister Sharma underscored the attractiveness of Nepal for IT ventures, both domestic and foreign. She cited the availability of skilled IT professionals and the favorable geographical climate as key advantages.

"Nepal boasts a skilled IT workforce that grows by over ten thousand individuals annually," Minister Sharma elaborated. "Currently, nearly one hundred thousand youths are actively involved in IT service exports, ensuring a readily available talent pool. Additionally, operating IT industries here benefits from comparatively lower costs."

The minister detailed the government's ongoing efforts to foster a supportive environment for IT investment. These initiatives include:

  • Issuing the first-ever Cyber Security Policy in 2023 and establishing the National Cyber Security Center for improved cybersecurity management.

  • Drafting a comprehensive information technology and cybersecurity bill.

  • Revising the Telecommunications Act to effectively manage the digital infrastructure backbone.

  • Implementing a radio frequency policy for telecommunication services to encourage innovation, including the adoption of 5G technology,.

  • Reviewing and integrating the Information and Communication Technology Policy 2015 and the Telecommunication Policy 2003.

  • Formulating laws and standards for private sector data center operations.

  • Collaborating with relevant ministries to draft additional investment-promoting legislation.

Minister Sharma concluded by reaffirming the government's commitment to regular policy reviews to ensure a thriving IT industry in Nepal.

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