Minister Sumana Shrestha Advocates Depoliticizing the education sector.

Minister Sumana Shrestha Advocates Depoliticizing the education sector.

The Education Science and Technology Minister, Sumana Shrestha, highlighted the importance of universities being free from political biases in order to foster growth in the education sector.

During a meeting with an academic group at the Ministry held at Sinha Darbar on Tuesday, Minister Shrestha highlighted the significance of academia, including professors and staff, avoiding political affiliations while serving in governmental positions. She stated her commitment to implementing the suggestions of experts, valuing their expertise and experience. She encouraged educators and staff to refrain from holding positions in any political party's executive committee. In addition, she highlighted the need for diligence when interacting with political figures, reminding participants that offering party memberships to them goes against established laws and regulations.

 "For progress to be made, it is essential to eliminate political influences from the education sector," said Minister Shrestha. She made clear the importance of expertise, experience, and professional networks in achieving educational objectives. "Our legislation clearly states that educators and staff are not allowed to take on positions of authority in political parties," she stated, using the relevant laws. She encouraged educators to confidently convey legal limitations to political leaders during their interactions, highlighting the rule against granting party memberships.

In addition to academic projects, Minister Shrestha highlighted the broader societal impact of the education sector, recognizing its duty to promote civic awareness and cultivate responsible citizenship.

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