Nepal Aims to Export IT Services Worth 30 Trillion Rupees

Government Targets 500,000 Direct Jobs in IT Sector Expansion
Nepal Aims to Export IT Services Worth 30 Trillion Rupees

The Nepali government has unveiled an ambitious plan to promote and develop the information technology (IT) sector in the country, recognizing its crucial role in facilitating economic growth. Finance Minister Prakash Pun outlined several key initiatives aimed at bolstering the IT industry and creating employment opportunities.

Export Targets and Job Creation

Minister Pun declared that arrangements will be made to export IT services worth a staggering 30 trillion rupees over the next decade. Additionally, the government aims to create 500,000 direct jobs and 1 million indirect jobs in the IT sector, highlighting its commitment to expanding employment opportunities in this rapidly growing field.

IT Parks and Infrastructure Development

To foster a conducive environment for IT businesses, the government has announced plans to establish state-of-the-art IT hubs in strategic locations. In Kathmandu Valley and Butwal, existing government and private buildings will be repurposed to create IT parks equipped with high-speed internet, reliable electricity, and robust security measures. These parks will offer free workstations for three years to attract and support IT companies.

Furthermore, the government has allocated 17 crore rupees to establish a "Knowledge Park" in Khumaltar, Lalitpur, serving as a hub for innovation and technology.

Data Protection and Digital Nepal Framework

Recognizing the importance of data security, Minister Pun emphasized that arrangements will be made to protect data in the IT sector in Nepal. Additionally, the government plans to modify the Digital Nepal framework to keep pace with technological advancements.

Budgetary Allocations

To support these initiatives, the government has allocated 59 crores for the implementation of the digital framework. Moreover, funds have been set aside for the development of IT hubs in Dillibazar's Charkhaal area through public-private partnerships.

Internships and Bridging the Digital Divide

The government has also announced plans to facilitate internships for students pursuing bachelor's and master's degrees in IT-related fields, providing them with practical experience in the industry.

To address the digital divide, the government aims to expand access to IT for underprivileged communities, regions, and women by providing broadband internet services to all ward centers, community schools, and health centers.

Software Localization and Data Center Upgrades

In a bid to promote domestic IT solutions, the government intends to mandate the use of locally produced software by public bodies. Additionally, government data centers will be upgraded, and standards will be established for private data centers to ensure systematic and reliable storage, security, and use of electronic data.

These comprehensive measures demonstrate the Nepali government's commitment to leveraging the transformative potential of the IT sector, fostering innovation, creating employment opportunities, and driving economic growth in the digital age.

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