Nepal, China Deepen Ties: Pacts Signed on Development, Life-Saving Medical Care

Agreements Focus on Human Resource Development and Bone Marrow Transplants
Nepal, China Deepen Ties: Pacts Signed on Development, Life-Saving Medical Care

Nepal and China further strengthened their relationship on Friday by signing two key agreements focused on human resource development and healthcare advancements. The signing ceremony, held at the Ministry of Finance in Kathmandu, underscored a shared commitment to continued collaboration between the two nations.

The agreements mark a new chapter in Nepal-China cooperation. The first agreement establishes a framework for joint initiatives aligned with achieving internationally recognized development goals. The specific areas of focus within this agreement remain undisclosed, but it signifies a shared vision for advancing global development progress.

The second agreement paves the way for establishing a much-needed bone marrow transplant service at the BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital. China will provide both financial and technical assistance, which is likely to include infrastructure development, training for medical professionals, and ongoing support for the program. This initiative has the potential to significantly improve access to life-saving bone marrow transplant treatments for Nepali citizens.

Nepal's Finance Minister, Barshman Pun, addressed the ceremony, highlighting the longstanding ties between Nepal and China. He emphasized several key areas for further collaboration. One area of focus is the implementation of existing agreements reached during previous high-level visits between the two countries. Unfulfilled agreements represent missed opportunities for development and require renewed focus.

Minister Pun also highlighted Nepal's desire to attract a greater influx of Chinese investment, particularly in the lead-up to the upcoming third international investment conference. Increased investment from China could provide a significant boost to Nepal's economic development. Finally, he emphasized the need for faster execution of approved projects funded by foreign aid. He also acknowledged Nepal's ongoing efforts to simplify procedures for foreign investment, creating a more attractive environment for international collaboration.

Liu Zhaohui, head of China International Development Cooperation Agency, expressed his satisfaction with Nepal's recent economic progress. He reaffirmed China's commitment to fulfilling bilateral agreements established during previous high-level visits and to maintaining its grant and technical support programs for Nepal. Continued financial and technical assistance plays a crucial role in supporting Nepal's development efforts.

These agreements and discussions solidify the ongoing partnership between Nepal and China in the critical sectors of development and healthcare. The collaborative efforts aim to advance global development goals, enhance access to vital medical services within Nepal, and ultimately improve the lives of Nepali citizens.

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