Nepal Government Unveils Comprehensive Policy for Fiscal Year 2081/82

Nepal Government Unveils Comprehensive Policy for Fiscal Year 2081/82

President Ramchandra Paudel read out the main provisions of the government's policy and program for the upcoming fiscal year 2081/82 at the joint meeting of Parliament today. The agenda is wide-ranging, covering reforms and initiatives across all major sectors.

Banking, Financial Sector and Cooperatives

  • Suggestions from previous studies will be implemented to solve problems in banks, financial institutions, microfinance, cooperatives, insurance and capital markets.

  • Loans of microfinance borrowers will be rescheduled and restructured.

  • Cooperatives will operate as per their purpose, with a specialized regulatory body for supervision. The Cooperative Savings and Credit Protection Fund, Credit Information Center will protect savings and investments.

Revival of Sick Public Enterprises

  • Closed and sick public institutions like Gorakhkali Rubber Industry, Butwal Thread Factory, Hetaunda Textile Industry etc. will be operated through public-private partnership or other suitable methods.

Economic Reforms

  • Nepal's country rating will be completed.

  • Identification of poor households will be done and they will get free insurance, electric stoves, tubewells etc.

  • Ongoing projects will be evaluated for completion, continuation, postponement or cancellation based on progress.

  • Public-private partnership projects will be expedited.

  • Procurement laws will be revised to make the system competitive, transparent and development-friendly.

  • National policy, standards and acceptance criteria will be prepared for studies, research and innovation.

  • The base year for national accounts estimates will be changed to include data from all three tiers of government.

  • Production and Employment Promotion

  • 'Partnership for Production and Employment' program will be conducted jointly by all three government levels, private sector, cooperatives and communities.

Agriculture and Food Security

  • 2081-82 declared as 'Agricultural Investment Decade' to boost investment in the sector.

  • Minimum support prices will be fixed for agricultural produce and livestock before production cycle.

  • Wholesale agricultural markets with humidity chambers will be established in metros/sub-metros.

  • Model farms will be set up at ward level in partnership with young farmers/entrepreneurs as learning centers.

  • Self-sufficiency targeted in fruits within 5 years and livestock & fish within 2 years through intensive farming.

  • Large livestock farms to be developed in each province in collaboration with government and private sector.

  • 'Himal Samriddhi Program' in Himalayan region for sheep, goat, fruit and herb farming.

  • 15,000 hectares of new irrigation in the next year. 318,000 hectares to get irrigation through tube wells in Terai-Madhes.

  • 'Integrated Karnali Irrigation Special Program' in Karnali Province.

  • Issues of 500,000 landless, slum dwellers to be resolved. Dual land ownership issues like Guthis to be addressed.

  • 10 new reservoirs to be constructed in Chure area and inner Madhes for drought/flood management.

  • 'Prosperous Karnali Entrepreneurship Program' based on agriculture and forests.

Climate Change and Disaster Management

  • National policy and action plans on climate change mitigation, adaptation and disaster risk reduction to be implemented.

  • International dialogue on 'climate change, mountains and future of mankind'.

  • 'Presidential Climate Change Management Program' to address climate impacts.

  • Petroleum exploration in Dailekh to be completed.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • National innovation and startup campaign to be conducted.

  • National Startup Enterprise Policy to be implemented with support from all three tiers of government and private sector.

  • Concessional loans for 1,000 youth to start businesses.

  • Subsidies and t echnology assistance for 1,000 micro, small and domestic industries.

Industrial Development

  • Agro industrial park in Gorkha, mega food park in Sudurpaschim, food and fruit processing center in Karnali.

  • Special program to ensure quality, production and export of domestic alcohol.

  • Consumer court to protect consumer rights.

Tourism Promotion

  • Tourist destinations to be identified, developed and promoted through national tourist destination profiling.

  • Film tourism to be encouraged by attracting international film makers.

  • Special incentive package for operation of Pokhara and Bhairahawa international airports.

  • World Heritage listing to be pursued for Janaki Temple and other heritage properties.

  • Tourism circuits like Buddha Circuit, Shiva Circuit, Ramayana Circuit, Kirant Cultural Circuit to be promoted.

  • 'Art and literature program for change' to be conducted.

Transport Infrastructure

  • Kathmandu-Tarai-Madhes Expressway to be completed by 2083.

  • Nagadhunga Tunnel and Gwarko Overpass to open this year.

  • Bardibas-Chhatha section of East-West Electric Railway to be completed.

  • Feasibility study of Kerung-Kathmandu Railway, investment plan for Raxaul-Kathmandu Railway.

  • Waterways with terminals on Sunkoshi and Narayani rivers. Provision for registering sea vessels in Nepal.

  • Policy for private sector to conduct land development programs.

  • Integrated urban infrastructure development in Lumbini, Pokhara and Janakpur as cluster cities.


  • National electricity capacity to reach 4,500 MW, per capita consumption 450 kWh this year.

  • Construction of Budhigandaki, Nalsingad reservoir projects and pre-construction of Dudhkoshi to progress.

  • Upper Arun, Phukot Karnali, Tamakoshi-5, Jagdulla, Chainpur Seti hydel projects to start.

  • Transmission lines like Hetauda-Dhalkebar-Inaruwa, Budhigandaki corridor, New Butwal-Gorakhpur to be constructed/started.

  • Cross-border transmission lines like Inaruwa-Purnia, Dododhara-Bareli to also start.

  • Concessions on electricity for irrigation, agriculture and agro-industries.

Social Sector Initiatives

  • 'PM's Daughter Self-Reliance Program' to empower women financially. Women help desks in all police stations.

  • Free health insurance for all children in orphanages. Nepal's roads to be human-free by 2082.

  • Home healthcare services for senior citizens through local bodies.

  • Basic education for all children in next 5 years. 'One municipality, one smart school' concept.

  • Disadvantaged scholarships extended to Class 12. University students to get governance training.

  • Teaching internships for university students to meet shortage of science/math/English teachers.

  • 300-bed medical college & academic program at Shahid Dashrath University of Health Sciences.

  • Preparations for more medical colleges across the country.

  • Two-shift OPD services at major hospitals like Veer, National Trauma Center, Kanti Children's.

  • Telemedicine services in at least one federal and two provincial hospitals each.

  • Health insurance coverage for all organized sectors.

Employment and Labor Reforms

  • 'Return Entrepreneurship Program' for returnee migrant workers to start businesses.

  • Mandatory labor audits in government and private establishments.

  • National strategy to formalize informal sector workers.

  • Citizen service centers at local levels for integrated service delivery.

Science and Technology

  • Work on launching Nepal's own satellite to progress.

  • Standards for data center construction and operation.

  • IT National Knowledge Park to be established.

  • Technical testing of IT systems like hardware, software, networks,

cybersecurity in public bodies.

  • Next decade to be promoted as IT Decade for digital transformation.

  • At least 5,000 IT jobs to be created through IT workstations.

  • High-quality, competitive in-country printing for security items like stamps, licenses, passports.

  • Fellowships for 1,000 talented youth in various subjects.


  • 10th National Games to be organized.

  • International e-sports competition using modern technology.

  • Construction of cricket stadiums in Mulpani, Biratnagar, Phapla in Kailali to be accelerated.

  • Gautam Buddha Cricket Stadium in Chitwan through federation-state-local partnership.

  • Upgradation and additional construction at Kirtipur Cricket Stadium.

Security Reforms

  • Review retirement period of police personnel. Predictable promotion system.

  • Open prison system to be operated in coordination with provinces.

  • National ID system to be integrated with all citizen services. Most services accessible via mobile.

Legal and Social Reforms

  • Policy and legal provisions for medicinal and commercial use of marijuana.

  • Self-sufficiency in defense equipment, ammunition, clothing production.

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