Nepali Congress Demands Parliamentary Probe into Financial Scam Involving Home Minister

Opposition demands transparent investigation amid growing concerns over financial misconduct allegations implicating Deputy Prime Minister Ravi Lamichhane
Nepali Congress Demands Parliamentary Probe into Financial Scam Involving Home Minister
House of Representatives Nepal

The Nepali Congress has repeated its appeal for accountability, demanding the formation of a parliamentary committee to thoroughly investigate claims implicating Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane in a financial scam involving a cooperative society.

During a session in the House of Representatives, Congress Member of Parliament Ramakrishna Yadav reiterated the party's commitment to launching an investigation into the alleged misappropriation. Yadav voiced alarm over the apparent pause in the inquiry process following Lamichhane's appointment to the Home Ministry position, stating that such actions damage public trust.

Yadav referenced previous assurances from authorities about an ongoing investigation into Lamichhane's role in the cooperative's financial issues. However, he noted that the investigation had been hampered since Lamichhane's appointment to a senior government position, resulting in a crisis of confidence among the public.

Furthermore, Yadav acknowledged Lamichhane's role in helping an unbiased investigate by forming a parliamentary committee. He encouraged the Home Minister to take decisive actions to address the claims, emphasizing that the truth must be revealed to restore public trust in the administration.

Opposition MPs supported the Nepali Congress' stance, echoing calls for transparency and accountability in the handling of the cooperative affair. Following disruptions by Congress MPs, Speaker Devraj Ghimire offered Yadav the opportunity to address the House, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.

House of Representatives Nepal

Yadav's statements emphasized the critical importance of forming a parliamentary inquiry committee to go into the complex aspects of the cooperative case. He highlighted the importance of an impartial probe, especially in light of recent developments involving important government officials and persons affiliated with the cooperative.

Yadav raised concerns about the involvement of other key persons, including RSVP Deputy Chairman Dol Prasad Aryal and Labor Minister, in the cooperative's activities, citing suspicions of financial misconduct and non-repayment of deposits totaling four crore rupees. He also mentioned the potential involvement of individuals affiliated to Gorkha Media, implying a larger network of fraudulent activity within cooperatives.

Yadav underlined the Nepali Congress' steadfast commitment to ensuring openness and accountability in governance. The party's demand for a parliamentary investigation demonstrates its commitment to unearth the truth and restore public trust in the face of escalating allegations of financial impropriety by high-ranking government officials.

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