Nepal's Federal Parliament is set to Prioritize Bill Finalization in Upcoming Budget Session

Nepal's Federal Parliament is set to Prioritize Bill Finalization in Upcoming Budget Session

The government of Nepal has declared that the budget session of the federal parliament will begin on May 25, 2024. Padam Giri, the Minister of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs, made the announcement during a press conference.

The session prioritizes finalizing bills currently under discussion in various parliamentary committees. These finalized bills will then be presented for official approval by the parliament. Minister Giri expressed optimism, stating that the upcoming session aims to pass a significant number of bills.

Lawmakers will also address amendments to existing laws related to implementing the constitution and federalism. These amendments are crucial for ensuring the smooth functioning of the federal system established in Nepal.

The government may contemplate using ordinances to tackle pressing matters such as those related to cooperatives. Ordinances are provisional actions with legal authority, but they necessitate eventual substitution by enduring bills approved by the parliament. Minister Giri suggested that an ordinance could serve as a provisional remedy, succeeded by the introduction of a bill for a more enduring strategy.

The upcoming session is expected to be a busy one, with both finalizing existing bills and addressing legislative needs related to federalism. To ensure smooth parliamentary proceedings, Minister Giri highlighted ongoing discussions with the main opposition party, the Nepali Congress. This collaborative approach suggests a positive outlook for the session's productivity.

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