Nepal's National Assembly Speaker Pushes Back on Favoritism Claims

Nepal's National Assembly Speaker Pushes Back on Favoritism Claims

Narayan Prasad Dahal, the Speaker of Nepal's National Assembly, refused allegations that his appointment was based solely on his close connection to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. During a recent media interaction, Dahal highlighted his extensive political experience and significant contributions.

Dahal accepted the common political journey he and the Prime Minister embarked on, beginning in 2027 as members of the All Nepal National Independent Students' Union (ANERASWVIU). He was taken aback by the Prime Minister's suggestion that Dahal obtain the Speakership position without engaging in any independent political activity.

Dahal shared his diverse political experiences, which included participating in party training sessions in Chitwan alongside the Prime Minister. The individual emphasized their unwavering commitment to the party, going so far as to prioritize party responsibilities over a valuable scholarship opportunity in the United States of America.

Although acknowledging the Prime Minister's leadership role, Dahal highlighted that he has achieved his positions based on his own merit. He expressed his commitment to serving the National Assembly with the greatest integrity and appealed for the media's assistance in enhancing the Assembly's reputation.

Dahal's comments arise in the context of ongoing discussions related to his appointment. He highlighted his extensive political background and commitment, seeking to address any concerns about his suitability for the position of Speaker.

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