Nepal's Speaker of the House of Representatives highlights federalism's impact on lagging regions

Nepal's Speaker of the House of Representatives highlights federalism's impact on lagging regions

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Devraj Ghimire, has highlighted that the country is currently engaged in debate and discussion regarding the implementation of federalism.

Speaking at the inauguration of a newly constructed building of Ward No. 10 in Mahalakshmi Municipality on Saturday, Speaker Ghimire stated that efforts are underway to prioritize backward communities to address concerns raised about the suitability of federalism for the nation.

Referring to Ward No. 10 as a lagging area within Mahalakshmi Municipality, Ghimire emphasized that federalism enables the acceleration of development and construction activities in such regions. He stressed the importance of prioritizing assistance to areas afflicted by poverty, lack of physical infrastructure, and low public awareness.

"We have achieved great political achievements in terms of making the people happy and prosperous," Ghimire said. "How can we take the nation forward from federalism under the democratic republican constitution in the political field? We are in a situation of debate and discussion."

Ghimire clarified that the unitary system was deemed inappropriate for a country like Nepal, leading to the adoption of federalism, despite initial criticism.

Appreciating Mahalakshmi Municipality's role in implementing the rights granted by federalism, the Speaker cited the construction of the ward building as an example. He noted that the project was completed within a year through a proper contract process, enabling the office to commence operations from the newly inaugurated premises.

Ghimire underscored the municipality's efforts in building roads, promoting development, and raising public awareness, emphasizing the need to prioritize lagging regions under the federal structure.

The Speaker's remarks underscore the ongoing dialogue and assessments surrounding the implementation of federalism in Nepal, as the nation navigates the complexities of this governance system.

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