NIP calls for public disclosure of high-profile corruption files

NIP calls for public disclosure of high-profile corruption files

The National Independent Party (NIP) has demanded that files related to various corruption and irregularity cases be made public, including the Giribandhu Tea Estate case.

Speaking in the House of Representatives on Sunday, NIP co-spokesperson and MP Manish Jha said his party will push to open files on several high-profile cases. These include land misuse at children's temples, bamboo plantations, and the Tikapur land case.

"We want to open the files on Balmandir land, Bansbari land, Tikapur land, Bhutanese refugees, Giribandhu, and Terramax," he stated. Jha claimed that when he inquired why these files were not opened in the past, he discovered no files had been created.

Jha, highlighting his party's brief political history, noted it has been 23 months since NIP entered politics and 17 months since entering parliament. During this time, they have been in government twice for a total of 122 days. He insisted they are doing their best in this period.

He also recalled his party's obstruction in the Federal Parliament, demanding a parliamentary inquiry committee to investigate misappropriation of cooperative funds. Jha clarified, "We shouldn't form a committee focusing on individuals, but we're ready for all kinds of investigations."

Asserting their commitment to making a difference, he urged others not to view their actions as mere spoiling tactics. "We didn't enter politics because the 26,934-day-old party spoiled everything," he said, taking a jab at the Congress party.

Jha acknowledged the historical contributions of political parties to change but added, "The copyright and credit for political change don't belong to the same party or group. There's a multifaceted contribution from everyone."

He emphasized that NIP entered politics because there was space to make a difference, not due to a lack of other options. "We have many bases. We've come to do something," he concluded.

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