Patan High Court halts closure of school shutters in Kathmandu

Patan High Court halts closure of school shutters in Kathmandu

An interim order from the Patan High Court has been issued to halt the closure of shutters rented by community schools in Kathmandu. Judge Lekhnath Paudel's ruling mandates that these rented shutters must remain open until at least June 21.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City had recently initiated efforts to lock up shutters and spaces rented out by community schools for commercial purposes, arguing that these spaces should be utilized for educational activities. However, this move prompted Tulsi Prasad Agasti to file a writ petition at the Patan High Court on Tuesday after city police began forcibly closing down the rented shutters of businessmen.

The Metropolitan City's actions were based on the stance that renting out school spaces for businesses violated regulations mandating those spaces be used solely for educational purposes. Nonetheless, the High Court has called both parties for a hearing on June 21 to determine whether an interim order allowing the shutters to remain open should be granted.

As the legal tussle continues, community schools and businesses operating from rented school spaces can temporarily carry on their operations until the court reaches a conclusion on the matter next month. The case has highlighted the contentious issue of schools generating revenue through real estate amid funding constraints.

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