People's Socialist Party Nepal withdraws support from ruling coalition, ministers resign

People's Socialist Party Nepal withdraws support from ruling coalition, ministers resign

In a major political development, the People's Socialist Party Nepal has withdrawn its support from the coalition government led by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda'. The decision was taken during the party's central committee meeting held on Monday.

Deepak Karki, the People's Socialist Party, has stated that the party will withdraw from the government due to irreconcilable differences with the ruling coalition partners. Consequently, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Upendra Yadav, as well as Minister of State for Forest and Environment Deepak Karki, submitted their resignations on Monday morning.

Manish Suman, spokesperson for the People's Socialist Party, announced to the press that the party is facing challenges in maintaining its collaboration with the current ruling coalition, leading to its decision to retract its support. The formal withdrawal of support is anticipated to be submitted to the parliament secretariat today.

Party President Upendra Yadav, while announcing his resignation, cited difficulties in cooperating with the current government formation, particularly with the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Center) as the major ruling partners.

"The main parties of the current ruling coalition have a hand in breaking PSP Nepal," Yadav alleged, hinting at internal conflicts within the coalition.

This move has dealt a significant blow to the Prachanda-led government, which now faces the challenge of securing a new majority in parliament or potentially facing a no-confidence motion.

Political analysts believe that the withdrawal of People's Socialist Party support could lead to further instability and uncertainties in the country's political landscape. However, all eyes are now on the ruling coalition's next move as they seek to regain a stable majority in the parliament.

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