PM Dahal Raises Concerns Over Repeated Confidence Votes

PM Dahal Raises Concerns Over Repeated Confidence Votes

According to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the need to secure a vote of confidence on three separate occasions within a span of 15 months reflects a sense of uncertainty.

He stated this during a speech at an event in Kathmandu on Tuesday. The Prime Minister, Dahal, highlighted that he recently received a vote of confidence for the third time. He emphasized that this unique situation, where three votes of confidence were taken within 15 months, reflects the peculiarities of both national and Nepali politics. He stated that the appointment of the presidency to the Congress was intended to avoid any power from becoming completely disconnected and isolated from the political process. He emphasized the significance of growing a sense of unity within the nation, making sure that no group or individual feels excluded. In a recent statement, the Prime Minister emphasized the stability of the government, noting that there have been no changes in leadership. However, there are ongoing plans for government reorganization.

He expressed concern about the current state of political parties, mentioning that they seem to be engaging in unhealthy competition instead of striving for peaceful understanding. Now there are multiple ways to look at it. In order to expedite the implementation of the constitution and promote political stability and development, it is crucial to foster understanding among major powers, despite the challenges that may arise. I'm uncertain about how individuals perceive this. Once again, I have received a vote of confidence, marking the third time this has happened. It's barely been a year and a half. I got it in less than a year and a half. Some may argue that having three votes of confidence within a span of 15 months is incompatible.

Additionally, another aspect can be highlighted. I have taken steps to ensure that no authority feels entirely disconnected or alienated from the political proceedings. When formulating the second equation, my intention was to present it for consideration during the Nepali Congress presidency. They also faced allegations of being unstable. However, after careful reflection and sincere analysis, it is important to preserve the integrity of national power dynamics. Despite three votes of confidence, the Prime Minister's position remains unchanged, and the government carries on. The government's plans for reorganization will move forward.

Prime Minister Dahal highlighted the government's dedication to implementing structural reforms in the areas of security, justice, and development. He highlighted the importance of anti-corruption measures for the progress of the nation and the well-being of its citizens.PM expressed a strong commitment to supporting anti-corruption agencies, guaranteeing they have been provided with the required legal structures, personnel, and resources to effectively combat corruption at every level and ensure that those involved in corrupt practices are held responsible. According to him, the government has been placing a strong emphasis on structural reforms, considering them crucial for enhancing security, justice, and development. I am confident that the inclusion of various topics in the structural program will greatly contribute to the national goal of achieving good governance. Ensuring a corruption-free environment is crucial for fostering national progress, safeguarding the welfare of citizens, and upholding effective governance. In this context, the government of Nepal is dedicated to strengthening the agencies responsible for combating corruption. They aim to provide them with the necessary laws, manpower, resources, and tools to effectively control corruption and promote ethical practices. The government is determined to thoroughly investigate corruption cases and take legal action against anyone involved, regardless of the time period or individuals implicated. It is widely known that the current government, under my leadership, has implemented various policies and measures to combat corruption and promote good governance.

According to Prime Minister Dahal, the country can only achieve good governance by effectively implementing the law. Emphasizing the crucial role of controlling corruption in promoting development, citizen welfare, and good governance, he stressed the need to empower anti-corruption agencies with the necessary legal authority, manpower, resources, and tools to ensure accountability and conduct thorough investigations into corruption-related issues.

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