PM downplays Sirohia's arrest, calls for calm

PM downplays Sirohia's arrest, calls for calm

PM Says No Need to Fuss Over Sirohia's Arrest

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has stated that there is no need to unnecessarily comment on the recent arrest of Kailash Sirohia, president of the Kantipur Media Group. Sirohia was taken into custody on Tuesday over allegations of misusing his citizenship and was transferred to Dhanusha, with police seeking extended time for investigation from the district court there.

Speaking briefly to the media after inaugurating the 'International Expert Dialogue on Mountains, People and Climate Change' program in Kathmandu on Wednesday, Prachanda said the judicial process should be allowed to take its course. "I have understood the court process after this court asked to proceed with the process. This is too much - there is no need to make a fuss," he stated.

When asked if there were allegations that the government had a hand in Sirohia's arrest, the Prime Minister dismissed such claims as wrong.

Prachanda also denied reports that Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane had presented himself in the matter. "That is what people say. In this court process, if he is innocent, he will get away easily, this is going to happen," the PM said.

The arrest of the prominent media entrepreneur has drawn attention, with some raising concerns over the implications for press freedom. However, Prachanda maintains it is a legal matter that should proceed without unnecessary commentary until it is resolved through proper judicial channels.

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