PM Prachanda Optimistic About Resolving Parliamentary Obstruction

PM Prachanda Optimistic About Resolving Parliamentary Obstruction

Amidst the ongoing parliamentary obstruction, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' expressed optimism that proceedings will return to normal after Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane addresses the controversy surrounding alleged misappropriation of cooperative funds.

During Thursday's Cabinet meeting, Prachanda briefed ministers about the dialogues he has held with top leaders to resolve the stalemate created by the main opposition Nepali Congress's obstructions. The Congress party has been demanding the formation of a parliamentary inquiry committee to probe the allegations against Lamichhane.

"Talks have been held with the Congress. Parliament will run. The Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister also get to speak in Parliament. After that, a positive message will be sent," a minister quoted Prachanda as saying in the meeting.

The Prime Minister stated that after Lamichhane's address in parliament, discussions will continue between the parties on further steps.

The meeting of the House of Representatives originally scheduled for 11 am on Thursday has been postponed until 4 pm.

The Nepali Congress has been disrupting parliamentary proceedings over its demands regarding Lamichhane, accusing him of involvement in the misappropriation of funds from a cooperative organization he previously led.

Prachanda, who has been engaged in constant dialogue with top leaders, expressed confidence that the impasse will be resolved once Lamichhane gets the opportunity to clarify his position in parliament.

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