Prime Minister Prachanda and Cabinet Members Disclose Assets: Ancestral Properties to Recent Purchases

Prime Minister Prachanda and Cabinet Members Disclose Assets: Ancestral Properties to Recent Purchases

The government has publicly released the asset information of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' and his Cabinet members after a decision by the cabinet. The revelations show a combination of inherited assets and recently obtained wealth among the ministerial positions.

Prime Minister Prachanda declared a house with 4740.820 Square Meter in Bharatpur as an ancestral property from his late wife, along with 5 tolas of ancestral gold. However, his landed properties and gold holdings have increased compared to a previous declaration in 2016. He also showed Rs 25 lakh cash deposits attributed to his parliamentary salary.

Education Minister Sumana Shrestha revealed assets of Rs 1.5 million in bank accounts and 4069.760 square Meter of land in Kavre purchased from her salary. Her declared assets include 11 tolas of gold, 100 tolas of silver, diamonds, a scooter and an electric vehicle.

Labor Minister DP Aryal has shown lands valued at Rs 5 crore across Dhading, Kathmandu, Lamjung and Bhaktapur, along with 150 tolas of gold, 100 tolas of silver, 10 tolas of diamonds and shares worth Rs 67,000. He also owns businesses and a Prado vehicle bought for over Rs 1 crore.

Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane's assets are mostly under his wife Nikita Paudel's name, including a house in Budhanilkantha with a Rs 15 crore loan, 80 tolas of gold, silver weighing 15/20 kg, shares in media firms, and a Tata Nexon electric car.

Tourism Minister Hit Bahadur Tamang declared Rs 7.5 lakh in a bank, Rs 13 lakh cash from his salary, 6104.640 Square Meter ancestral land in Nuwakot and 6 tolas of gold purchased from his income.

Deputy PM Raghubir Mahaseth's properties are largely under his wife Julikumari Mahato's name - land parcels in Janakpur, Lalitpur and Dhanusha along with a house, Rs 2.25 crore cash, 43 tolas gold, 1.5 kg silver and shares worth Rs 3.55 crore.

Finance Minister Barsaman Pun has Rs 33.7 lakh in a bank account funded by his salary and travel allowances, along with 820 sq m ancestral land in Rolpa. He also declared a light vehicle belonging to his party.

Foreign Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha revealed Rs 1.2 lakh in his bank account and plans to hand over his ancestral land parcels in Gorkha totaling 19331.360 Square Meter to his party soon. He uses a Mahindra car provided by the PM.

The disclosures provide a peek into the ministers' asset portfolios comprising ancestral wealth, acres of landed properties, gold and cash reserves, shares and vehicles - amassed through various means over their political careers.

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