Rabi Lamichhane warns against biased competition among political parties in Nepal

Rabi Lamichhane warns against biased competition among political parties in Nepal

Rabi Lamichhane, Chairman of the National Independent Party, has voiced concerns over the growing unhealthy and biased competition among political parties in Nepal. Addressing a gathering on the occasion of the founding day of the Nepal Samajwadi Party, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Lamichhane stated that such competitions will not benefit Nepali society or the country.

Lamichhane asserted that the people's vote for the Janmat Party in Madhes and other independent candidates, including his National Independent Party, has sent a new message to all parties, which they should be able to accept. He claimed that extensive research was conducted before establishing his party, reflecting the public's sentiment.

The chairman of NIP contended that currently, there is no requirement for new political entities to unite, urging them to participate in elections solely on the merit of their ideas and subject them to scrutiny by the public. He stressed the significance of organizing the provinces in a clear and organized way, aligning with the federal model outlined in the constitution.

Lamichhane's remarks come amid growing political tensions and the formation of new parties in Nepal's dynamic political landscape. His call for healthy competition based on ideas and policies, rather than divisive politics, resonates with a section of the public seeking stable governance and development-oriented agendas.

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