Renowned Nepali Historian Gyanmani Nepal Passes Away at 92

Renowned Nepali Historian Gyanmani Nepal Passes Away at 92
Photo : Gyanmani Nepal Facebook

Gyanmani Nepal, one of Nepal's most respected and influential historians, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 92. Nepal had been suffering from heart disease and was receiving treatment at the Manmohan Cardiovascular and Transplant Center in Kathmandu.

According to his brother Ekmani Nepal, Gyanmani Nepal was admitted to the hospital on Friday after being transferred from Bir Hospital. Despite medical care, his condition failed to improve.

Nepal, who was deeply devoted to studying Nepal's ancient and medieval history, authored numerous scholarly works over his long career. He was widely admired for his deep knowledge and passion for preserving and promoting Nepal's rich cultural heritage.

"Gyanmani Nepal was a true giant in the field of Nepali historiography," said Rajendra Bajracharya, professor of history at Tribhuvan University. "His meticulous research helped shed light on many lesser-known aspects of our nation's past. He will be greatly missed."

A widower since his wife's passing a few years ago, Nepal is survived by two sons. Funeral arrangements are pending.

Nepal's demise represents a significant loss for the academic community and for all those devoted to understanding Nepal's storied history and traditions. His publications and life's work have ensured his legacy will endure for generations to come.

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