SEE Results Announced: Only 47.86% Pass Rate

47.86% Pass Rate in SEE Exams, 242,292 Students Qualify for Class 11
SEE Results Announced: Only 47.86% Pass Rate

The National Examination Board's Office of the Controller of Examinations (Class 10) has announced the results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE), revealing a low pass rate of only 47.86%. Out of 464,785 students who participated in the examination, only 242,292 students qualified to advance to class 11. This means that 52.14% of examinees received a non-grade (NG) result.

The results were published according to the Letter Grading Guide, 2078, which stipulates separate evaluations for theoretical and internal assessments. Students needed to achieve a minimum of 35% marks in each subject's theoretical portion. For a 75-mark theoretical exam, this meant scoring at least 26.25 marks, while the 25-mark internal assessment required a minimum of 10 marks (40%).

Notably, 186 students achieved the highest grade of 4 GPA. Students failing to meet the 35% threshold in the theoretical exam for any subject received an NG (Non Graded) mention on their certificate. These students will not be eligible for class 11 admission without taking a grade improvement test.

To receive an original certificate, students must score at least 10 points internally and 26.25 points theoretically per subject. Students falling short in up to two subjects will be allowed to take grade enhancement exams. However, if they fail to achieve 35% marks even after the grade enhancement exam, they will be allowed to retake only the NG subjects in the following year.

The SEE exams were conducted from March 15 to March 27. This low pass rate has raised concerns about the education system's effectiveness and the challenges students face in meeting the required standards.

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