Supreme Court orders removal of news video in contempt case

Supreme Court orders removal of news video in contempt case

The Supreme Court has given a strong order concerning a news article released by Sidha The article, which claims collusion among Supreme Court judges in a corruption case, has been considered contemptuous of the court.

Sidha faced a contempt of court case for publishing an article alleging a conspiracy by specific Supreme Court judges to sway the verdict of an ongoing corruption case before the constitutional bench. The case was reviewed by a panel consisting of Justices Nahkul Subedi and Tek Prasad Dhungana on Monday.

The Court's order mandates the removal of the related news video from Sidha's YouTube channel within 24 hours of receiving the order. Additionally, the Court has directed all media outlets to refrain from producing, publishing, or broadcasting any further programs related to this specific issue until a final verdict is reached in the contempt case.

Supreme Court spokesperson Ved Prasad Upreti emphasized the seriousness of the matter, stating, "The nature and gravity of the alleged contempt of court case necessitate immediate action. This order has been issued with that consideration in mind."

Upreti's statement further clarifies that the Court considers the reported content to be misleading and potentially obstructing the administration of justice. It aims to prevent confusion and ensure fair proceedings in the ongoing case.

A news article by Sidha from April 14, 2024, is what started the controversy. The report claimed the Chief Justice, another judge, and some media personnel met to manipulate the outcome of the pending case.

The Supreme Court has issued a summons for the publisher and executive editor of Sidha to appear before the Court on May 10, 2024, at 10:00 AM. They will need to provide any justifications or reasons to avoid being held in contempt of court.

This incident highlights the ongoing tension between freedom of the press and the judiciary in Nepal. While media outlets have a right to report on matters of public interest, the Supreme Court asserts its authority to protect the integrity of its proceedings and uphold judicial independence.

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