Teenage girl raped by uncle in Achham district

Teenage girl raped by uncle in Achham district

A disturbing case of sexual assault has been uncovered in Panchdeval Vinayak Municipality, located in Achham district. A 16-year-old girl, who was residing at her maternal residence, was discovered in an unconscious state in Chhaugoth on Tuesday morning.

According to the police, the victim reported that she was raped by her 17-year-old maternal uncle, who has been arrested. Achham Police Chief DSP Santosh Pathak said, "During the investigation and interrogation, the girl revealed that her maternal uncle, who studied with her, was behind the heinous act."

While receiving counseling at the hospital's one-stop crisis management center, the victim recounted the harrowing specifics of the event. She reported being sexually assaulted after being bound with fabric that covered her eyes, throat, and wrists.

Panchdeval Vinayak Municipality Mayor Ambika Chaane said that the camp (Chhaugoth) where the incident occurred has been demolished after the girl's rescue. She mentioned that upon receiving information about the incident, a team comprising police and public representatives reached the spot and found the girl unconscious.

This incident has once again highlighted the prevalence of sexual violence against women and girls in Achham. According to reports, since 2063 BS (2006 AD), at least 14 women and girls have lost their lives in the district due to such incidents.

The campaign to demolish camps (Chhaugoth) gained momentum after Parvati Budha Rawat of Sanfebagar Municipality-3 died of suffocation in a camp on Mansir 16, 2076 BS (November 30, 2019). Subsequently, more than 10,000 such camps were demolished in the district by people's representatives, police, women's rights activists, and others.

The officials have promised a comprehensive inquiry into the matter, and severe measures will be implemented against the wrongdoers. Nevertheless, worries persist regarding the well-being and protection of females in the area, underscoring the urgency for prompt actions to tackle this critical concern.

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