Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu to undergo major operational changes from November 8, 2024

Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu to undergo major operational changes from November 8, 2024

Nepal's Civil Aviation Authority has announced significant operational changes at Tribhuvan International Airport (VNKT) in Kathmandu, commencing November 8, 2024. The airport will undergo reduced operating hours to facilitate extensive construction and upgrade activities aimed at enhancing its infrastructure and capacity.

According to AIRAC Supplement 5/24 issued on May 30, 2024, the airport's operational hours will be reduced daily from 1615 to 0215 UTC. This adjustment, effective until March 31, 2025, is necessary to accommodate various construction activities near the runway and existing taxiway system.

The comprehensive upgrade project includes several major improvements:

  1. North-West Airport Section:

    • Construction of new parallel taxiways connecting existing domestic and international aprons

    • Expansion of Parallel Taxiway 'F'

    • Addition of new Taxiway 'U' connecting the runway with existing and new taxiways

    • Demolition of existing Taxiways 'A' and 'G'

  2. North-East Airport Section:

    • Construction of new taxiways 'Q' and 'R'

    • Improvement of existing Taxiway 'C'

    • Addition of new Rapid Exit Taxiway 'V'

  3. South-East Airport Section:

    • Construction of new Taxiways 'K' and 'L' to connect the new Parallel Taxiway 'P' with Runway 02 threshold

  4. South-West Airport Section:

    • Improvement of intersections among existing and new taxiways

Additionally, the existing Taxiway 'E' and part of the parallel Taxiway 'F' between Taxiways 'D' and 'B' will be completely closed for 24 hours daily during the entire construction period.

These upgrades are designed to enhance the airport's efficiency and capacity, allowing it to better serve as Nepal's primary international gateway. However, travelers should be aware of potential disruptions and adjusted flight schedules during the construction period.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal emphasizes that this plan will remain in effect until superseded by another AIP Supplement or incorporated into the regular AIP Nepal AIRAC cycle. This extensive renovation underscores Nepal's commitment to modernizing its aviation infrastructure to meet growing demand and international standards.

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