35th Nepal Day Celebrated in Germany Focuses on Infrastructure Development and Cultural Exchange

35th Nepal Day Celebrated in Germany Focuses on Infrastructure Development and Cultural Exchange

The 35th edition of Nepal Day was celebrated on Saturday by the German Nepal Friendship Association in the city of Cologne, Germany. This year's event was held under the slogan 'Desire for Change, Is It Just a Dream?' with the focus on promoting tourism, cultural exchange, and infrastructure development in Nepal.

Nepali Ambassador to Germany, Ramkaji Khadka, highlighted the importance of the annual Nepal Day celebration in exchanging information about the economic, social, and political changes between Nepal and Germany. "The Nepal Day held every year will play a crucial role in facilitating this exchange," he stated.

The Ambassador expressed confidence that the relationship between the two countries will be strengthened through such programs, encouraging positive and creative initiatives in the future.

Khadka further mentioned the recent collaboration between Germany and the Nepali government in areas such as agricultural production, IT, physical infrastructure development, and sustainable peace. "I believe that this program will contribute more significantly to trade, tourism, and cultural ties between Nepal and Germany," he added.

Ram Pratap Thapa, the Honorary Consul General for Nepal and president of the association, acknowledged Nepal Day as a tool to strengthen the relationship between Nepal and Germany. He expressed gratitude to those who have supported the program, which has been continuously celebrated in Germany for the past 35 years since its inception, and emphasized that Nepal Day will be further enhanced in the coming days.

Ram Pratap Thapa
Ram Pratap Thapa

In a greeting message, German Ambassador to Nepal, Dr. Thomas Prince, stated that the Nepal Day program would prove to be a cornerstone in the relationship between Nepal and Germany. Recalling Germany's assistance in various development efforts in Nepal, he promised further support for Nepal's development in the future.

Jiva Lamichhane, former president of the Non-Resident Nepali Association, conveyed his congratulatory message, stating that the Nepal Day program will play a crucial role in promoting Nepal's tourism. He believes the program will also help in cultural exchange and business promotion.

The event featured folk dances and special cultural programs reflecting Nepal's rich folk culture, presented by artists. Nepali and German tourism professionals, non-resident Nepalis, doctors, engineers, writers, researchers, second-generation youth, journalists, artists, and representatives of social service organizations were present at the program.

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