Allegations of Cyber Harassment: Sita Sapkota and Ramesh Sapkota Under Police Investigation

Allegations of Cyber Harassment: Sita Sapkota and Ramesh Sapkota Under Police Investigation

Sita Sapkota, the president of the Non-Resident Nepali Association of Belgium, has been the subject of a police complaint. Additionally, Madhav Marasaini, a social worker and journalist based in America, had a police complaint filed against her after receiving threatening phone calls. Ramesh Sapkota, a member of NRNA Belgium, reportedly threatened to harm Marasaini at the direction of Sapkota.

Marasaini has requested protection for his life in a petition filed with the Leuven police on Monday. Sita Sapkota is alleged to have repeatedly mistreated several individuals through her Facebook social network.

Full text of the complaint

Dear sir/maam

I am writing to file a formal complaint regarding cyber harassment and defamation perpetrated against me by individuals residing in Belgium. My name is Madhav Marasini, and I am an active journalist working for Nepali News with international press pass number 41377 . Additionally, I am recognized within the global Nepali diaspora for my work. I currently reside in California and work for German Daily News and USPA News Agency.

The individuals in question, Sita Sapkota and Ramesh Sapkota, have been engaging in a campaign of mental torture against me. Sita Sapkota, residing at Gemeentestraat 163, 3010 Kessel-lo, Belgium, has a documented history of harassing multiple individuals on social media and public platforms. Recently, I received a friend request from Ramesh Sapkota (also residing in Kessel-lo Belgium) on Facebook.

Despite not accepting the request, Ramesh initiated a call on Messenger and added Sita to the conversation without my consent. During the call, Ramesh made threatening remarks, including threats of physical harm and death directed towards me.

As an active journalist, I often speak about human trafficking, corruption, etc perpetrated by individuals in various organizations. Sita Sapkota, with her history of harassing individuals and journalists, has become a subject of my reporting. Instead of engaging in constructive dialogue, she has resorted to a campaign of threats, which she has also enlisted Ramesh Sapkota to participate in. These actions have caused me severe emotional distress, and I fear for my safety.

I am deeply concerned about my well-being and feel overwhelmed to the point of contemplating self-harm. Attached to this letter are screenshots of the conversation as evidence.

I urge you to take this matter seriously and initiate appropriate actions to address the cyber harassment and threats made against me. I implore you to prioritize my safety and well-being in your response to this complaint. Please feel free to contact me at +1 (415) 504-4588 or via email at if you require any further information or clarification regarding this matter. Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.


Madhav Marasini

Cc : - Cybercrime bureau Nepal - H.E. Gehendra Raj Bhandari, Embassy of Nepal to BeNeLux - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belgium - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nepal - Rubina Sharma, General Secretary NRNA Belgium

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