Gouri Raj Joshi Plans to Establish NRN Business Association

Is this the counter-organization to challenge NRNA's dominance?
Gouri Raj Joshi Plans to Establish NRN Business Association

A group of Nepali entrepreneurs who run companies overseas have come together to form a new organization. An organization called the NRN Business Association is being established, according to recent reports.

Gouri raj Joshi, a businessman from Texas, USA, emphasized the mission of this organization as bringing together Nepali entrepreneurs who are conducting business globally. Joshi was elected to the general secretaryship of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) elections.

In an important change, the Supreme Court has nullified all the working committees that were established after Kumar Pant's tenure as leader. A convention has been mandated by the Supreme Court, with a deadline of 6 months for its organization.

Amidst the preparations for the inauguration of the new organization, Joshi voiced his apprehensions regarding the prevailing polarized political situation within the NRNA. The original purpose of the organization appears to have been compromised.

Staying in such establishments is just a pointless endeavor. It's quite common for individuals to have a strong sense of their own importance. The validity of the reasoning behind NRNA has been called into question. "There's no need to debate here," he said.

He stated that the NRNA campaign suffered from the conflict surrounding the former presidents, which had a negative impact. 'When people gather, there seems to be a lack of genuine connection.' Engaging in a clash of personalities! What steps can be taken to cultivate stronger connections in the future? There is no assurance of the organization coming together in the next 6 months. "There is no confusion," he clarified.

Joshi highlighted the growing trend of Nepali businessmen residing abroad, indicating the necessity for an organization to address their requirements.

This place is not a platform for discussing political issues. The primary emphasis is exclusively on matters related to business. He highlighted its emphasis on the younger generation and individuals who are raised abroad.

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