to Honor 10 Notable Nepali Figures in the UK to Honor 10 Notable Nepali Figures in the UK, a prominent online news portal for the Nepali diaspora based in the United Kingdom, is preparing to mark its 17th year with a special ceremony recognizing 10 notable individuals from the Nepali diaspora who are actively involved in enriching British society.

According to Chiranjeevi Dhakal, the founder president of, the online portal will organize the prestigious honor ceremony on the occasion of its 17th anniversary celebration. The news website has been operating online since June 2007 and is preparing to mark this significant milestone with the vibrant Nepali community residing in Britain.

Dhakal disclosed that plans are being made to mark the anniversary in a lavish manner, following the customary practice of past years. He guaranteed that the specifics of the celebratory event will be released shortly.

Chiran Sharma, the editor of, stated that this year, ten well-known Nepali figures will receive recognition in the UK, continuing the tradition from past years. The selection of these distinguished individuals will be based on suggestions from the Nepali community residing in the United Kingdom. Additionally, the organizers intend to acknowledge a notable social group that is currently engaged in commendable work in Britain.

The occasion is anticipated to have distinguished attendees, such as delegates from the Nepali Embassy in London, individuals from community groups, press members, scholars, and more. To enhance the cultural aspect, performers from Nepal will bring charm to the event with engaging shows that highlight the diverse Nepali culture.

It is anticipated that the political parties of Nepal, including the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, and central leaders of the National Independent Party, will also participate in the program, underscoring the significance of the event.

In preparation for this milestone celebration, has issued an online public call to recommend names of deserving individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Nepali community in Britain. Individuals active in fields such as social work, education, sports, art and culture, business, philanthropy, and other spheres are eligible for nomination.

Individuals can either nominate themselves or propose the names of others they deem worthy of recognition. The recommendations should include a short introduction, details of the nominee's social activities, and their personal profile. Interested parties are requested to submit their nominations to the designated email address by June 28th.

As celebrates its 17th anniversary, this honor ceremony promises to be a momentous occasion, recognizing the invaluable contributions of Nepali individuals and organizations to the cultural fabric of British society.

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