NRNA registration revalidated by MoFA with imposed limitations on working committee

NRNA - Baluwatar
NRNA - Baluwatar

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has ultimately revalidated the registration of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) following a prolonged dispute. Nonetheless, the renewal is accompanied by a condition; limitations have been imposed on the operations of the existing working committee.

The NRNA, established in 2013, requires renewal every decade. While renewal was due in 2023, MoFA stalled the process, citing internal conflicts within the NRNA. This decision was challenged by a team led by Dr. Badri KC, elected in the 2023 congress, who successfully appealed for renewal in the Patan High Court.

After the Supreme Court's recent decision to nullify committees established under the previous leadership, the MoFA has extended the NRNA's registration. Nevertheless, the ministry has imposed constraints on the present working committee, citing the Supreme Court's ruling. The committee is now limited to conducting essential daily activities only.

The NRNA has faced criticism due to this limitation, with the organization interpreting it as an effort by the government to exert excessive influence, which goes against the 2021 ruling of the Patan High Court that recognized the NRNA as an independent entity. Furthermore, opponents highlight the timing of the renewal, occurring immediately after a Supreme Court verdict favoring the government, as indicative of political tactics.

Adding to the confusion is the absence of a publicly accessible, complete text of the Supreme Court's decision. This lack of clarity creates uncertainty about the NRNA's future activities and the extent of government involvement in the organization.

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