Apple and Google in talks to bring Gemini AI on iPhone.

"Collaboration aims to boost iPhone features and bridge AI gap, say experts."
Apple and Google in talks to bring Gemini AI on iPhone.

Apple and Google are actively negotiating a possible agreement to bring Google's Gemini generative AI technology to the iPhone. According to Bloomberg, Apple would licence Gemini's AI models to deliver new capabilities to iPhone customers later this year.

The conversations highlight Gemini's potential strategic advantage by granting access to billions of iPhone users. However, it also underscores a perceived gap in Apple's AI development efforts, according to industry observers. Despite this, Apple has been strongly trying to improve its AI skills through efforts such as acquiring companies like DarwinAI and investing in its Machine Learning Research division.

According to experts, a relationship with Google aligns with Apple's approach of integrating AI into its products rather than developing proprietary models. The collaboration might help Apple catch up in the AI race while also upholding its commitment to user privacy.

The rise of on-device AI models, particularly Google's Gemini family, which can operate locally on smartphones, provides an opportunity for Apple to improve its products while maintaining user confidentiality. A cooperation like this might result in major announcements at Apple's upcoming WWDC event.

From a user standpoint, integrating Gemini into Apple's ecosystem might improve search functionality and increase compatibility with Google services, thereby lowering Apple's development costs and time to market.

While the financial terms of the proposed transaction are unknown, it might be a mutually advantageous arrangement, with Google gaining access to Apple's user data and Apple benefiting Google's strong artificial intelligence technology.

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